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K & H Thermal

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Domestic & Commercial

thermal and acoustic insulation


Domestic & Commercial

thermal and acoustic insulation


We all live in a world of noisy neighbours, traffic, airline flightpaths and seemingly endless roadworks; nuisance noise that no one wants to suffer in their own home.

Our soundproofing service begins with a free visit and estimate from one of our experienced engineers to discuss the wide variety of options available to you; we can even carry out sound tests to ensure the perfect product is used and provide a before and after comparison!

A few of our most popular products include:

  • Resilient soundbreaker bars
  • Acoustic Mineral Wool insulation
  • Acoustic Rockwool insulation
  • Soundplanks
  • Isonic hanger system for ceilings
  • New build ceilings
  • Independent ceilings
  • SIF hanger system for floors
  • SRU Acoustilay underlay for floors
  • New build insulated walls

All of our sound proofing work is professionally finished to a high standard with plasterboard ready for you to decorate over it, and most acoustic modifications add just a couple of centimetres to your floor or ceiling so you’ll barely notice the difference; except for the substantial reduction in noise pollution!

Contact us today for a free survey of your home from one of our experienced engineers to hear the range of options and work out the best way to sound proof your home.

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